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Via Ceratelli, 2
46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) – Italy

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Monastery of Santa Maria
The monastery is situated in the heart of the hills around Castiglione delle Stiviere, in an area inhabited since the Roman epoch and founded by the hermit Father Girolamo Redini from Castel Goffredo, the founder of the Hermit Congregation of Santa Maria in Gonzaga. It is raised near the ruins of the Roman Villa. It was restructured at the beginning of sixteenth century from Marquis Luigi Gonzaga, grand-father of San Luigi, who gave it to the Minor Fathers of San Francesco, named “Zoccolanti”, after the abandonment of the monastery from the hermits of Santa Maria. It became the preferred resort for Marquis Ferrante Gonzaga and his wife Marta Tana. In its rooms in 1584 retired from the world San Luigi Gonzaga who after getting into an arguments with his father Ferrante over his passion to embrace the religious life, went there definitely to pray the God. His cell became a chapel in his honour.


Basilica of San Luigi Gonzaga
Constructed in 1608 after the decision of Marquis Francesco Gonzaga, it finished in the next century.
Inside there is a unique aisle conform to the spirit of Trento Council so that the attention of the believers would be concentrated on the altar and celebrant. Among the works of art hold at the Basilica there is the fresco that represents the glory of San Luigi made from Giorgio Anselmi – painter from Verona – in 1740. In one of the chapels is placed a retable of 1650, La Pietà, work of art made from Guercino. In another lateral chapel have been exposed the mummies of venerable Cinzia, Olimpia and Gridonia Gonzaga, nieces of San Luigi and founders of the Jesu’s Virgin Order. On the major altar, in an urn of the eighteenth century is conserved the skull of the Saint and over it is situated the retable of the eighteenth century made from Antonio Balestra, painter from Verona. It represents San Luigi praying in front of the Virgin.


The Red Cross was founded in SOLFERINO but in Castiglione delle Stiviere you find its museum.
Even a tragedy can generate hope. Not all people know that the International Red Cross was founded by a bank clerk from Genoa, Jean Henry Dunant. Even less people know that all started in Solferino. It was the 24th of June 1859. Dunant was just back from a business travel in North Africa and found himself as a simple bourgeois in the middle of Solferino Fight in San Martino.


Only 10 km from our factory you can discover the beauty of Garda Lake: Sirmione, Peschiera, Desenzano, moreniche Hills etc.







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