Woodworking technology

Technologies for structuring

SERIE – RU 3000


Ecoline Wood Technology is an enterprise that was founded with the specific intent to satisfy the requests of professionals in the wood sector in order to improve the different steps of the working process. The projects and the machines realised by it are a real innovation of the sector. These machines not only overcome a great quantity of everyday problems during the work of this noble matter, but are also modularised for each
customer need. Thanks to a patented technology that reduces the volume of work, it is possible to obtain a better product and yield. The satisfaction of the Customers is great and multiple with an evident saving of time and money which amortizes rapidly the initial investment.


The innovative technology that characterises the design of the machines guaranties high quality performances of the production in accordance with the programmed standards. The working process optimises the relation between the applied pressures during the different production steps and pilots at the same time the following variables:

  • The speed of the feed rate of the belt
  • The rotating speed of the utensils
  • The number of the brushes
  • The direction of rotation of the brushes
  • The material of the brushes
  • The oscillation of the utensils


Ecoline Wood Technology has developed its machines into a wholly modularised technology. Indeed, thanks to the combination of eight aggregates it is possible to build different types of machines. Each customer acquires only the utensils that are useful for its production thus they have a machine built to dimension. The engineers and the specialised staff of Ecoline Wood Technology have projected and constructed wood machines that can perform at the same time:

Working For structures For materials For surfaces
Profiled mouldings
Assembled pieces
Beams and matchboards
Noble wood
Veneered pieces


The technology which is applied to the Structuring Machine guaranties the right balance between its power and sturdiness. This machine makes the treatment of wood surfaces determining in this way the tactile aspect of them. Through a sanding roller and brushes equipped with sanding blades, you can get a perfect cleaning effect of the wood surface without yellowing, oil stains, various marks, dust of the sawmills or fibers of the wood. Furthermore you can get aging effects through an incision depth until 7 mm creating a difference in the height between the soft and hard vein of the wood. This kind of work gives to the wood surface a rustic aspect, either to the touch or to the look. The surface appears «consumed» from the time.
Possible utensils combinations:

  • Upper brush 420 mm
  • Lower brush 420 mm
  • Vertical brush 270 mm
  • Right lateral brush
  • Left lateral brush


Thanks to its exclusive technology, the Structuring Machine can work through a «copying adjustment». Indeed the work is done adjusting the height of the utensil according to the flow of the sometimes convex wood surface thanks to a pneumatic balancing system copying in this way the surface of the beams for more than 50 mm. This flexibility of the Structuring Machine guaranties the efficiency and the long life of the machine itself.


The integrated exclusive systems of Ecoline Wood Technology machines have been developed in order that each utensil corresponds to a well defined kind of work. In few minutes you can set up the appropriate utensil (tynex, steel, sanding rollers, sanding brushes) and have an independent adjustment for each of them. This means that the same machine can be at the same time a brushing, structuring or sanding one.


The industrial automation applied to the wood working technology is one of the strong points of the machines produced by Ecoline Wood Technology. High security standards in accordance with the most restrictive laws are important in order to guaranty the health and security of the operators at the work place. Furthermore it is possible to get the full control of the machines through special software and graphic touch screens 5” or 10”, able to be interfaced with other software already installed in the production lines of the works. The software are piloted and modified also in distance through an Internet connection or programs such as Team Viewer for ex. For this reason Customer Service Staff of Ecoline Wood Technology can guaranty a constant technical service at any time from its own offices modifying the parameters according to the Customer needs.







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